Soundplant Key 45

Developer: Soundplant
  • playlist queuing, supporting presaved playlist sequences triggered by a single key, or realtime "wait-in-line" chaining of queues via multiple key presses, or starting multiple synced sounds with a single key
  • ASIO support on Windows for lower latency and outputting to ASIO-only devices
  • output recording quality improved to 32-bit
  • 'fade out all sounds' function via Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
  • faster sound file loading, improved by as much as 50%, especially for long sounds
  • decreased cpu usage & RAM footprint and other optimizations & efficiency improvements
  • 6 additional key color choices & a new cleaner look for onscreen keys; support for custom RGB key colors in manually edited .keymaps
  • universal support for secondary output channels on multichannel devices
  • contextual interactive help
  • animated indication of sounds fading in & out in Channels Meter
  • many other minor bug fixes
Requirements: None
Limitation: Some features disabled after 25 uses
Operation system: Windows Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
Price: $50
License: Free to try
Version: v45
Downloads: 3294
Rating: 4.5 / Views: 280
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Soundplant 42 User Manual

As per the GNU General Public License, here is a copy of the FFmpeg source code used to compile the builds of FFmpeg used by the latest version of Soundplant (note that the latest sources will always be found at , not here!): [8 MB] Soundplant versions 40 and higher use the software synthesizer, © Peter Hanappe et al., By way of ‘s . With hold down on, the sound is muted on release of the key, such that the sound is only audible while the key is being pressed.


Registration codes for version 41 and above will not work in version 39. Your built-in cheapo soundcard will work fine, and so will any add-on professional quality audio interface. The registered (paid licensed) version permits unlimited use of the following features: expanded sound file format support for sounds above 16-bit/44 kHz, compressed files (.Mp3, .Mp4, .Flac, etc.), And audio from video files; recording; background key input; sound output device selection; and output sampling rates above 44 kHz.

Soundplant 45 Short Description

Launch another Soundplant provides an easy one-click way to open a new instance of the program. Clicking on the keyboard will designate the key group selection and assign the start key’s configuration to all selected keys with the specified offset variation, auto-adjusting each key’s offsets to precisely divide pieces of the sound across the selected keys. If you lost your previous version registration code or are otherwise unable to access the discount, contact soundplant [at] soundplant.Org. To set more complex empty keymap configurations with different sets of keys having different preset configurations, consider saving an empty keymap template. ***Holding down shift while clicking this button restores the default key setting to Soundplant’s original factory defaults.

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Soundplant’s 256 channels are allocated in a way that provides balance between maintaining low latency and maximizing polyphony. We currently offer a generous educational discount that covers all staff and students at a school. Soundplant has odd playback glitches, clicks, and/or high latency on my machine. €¢ This can almost always be resolved by a change to the ‘buffer size’ in the Soundplant audio output settings. These infections might corrupt your computer installation or breach your privacy. Some cool vintage synth sounds and chiptune building blocks here.

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You can now press the A key to trigger this playlist of sounds which will play one after the other. When you open Fisheye Camera for Instagram, you’ll notice it gives the super wide angle feel you’d get with a real fisheye lens. In pause mode, the key becomes a pause/unpause toggle. The ‘launch editor’ button will open the external audio editing program set in the and attempt to make it load the key’s assigned sound file (works with most editors). The main lowpass slider sets the cutoff and resonant frequency of the filter in hertz.