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Developer: Soundplant
  • playlist queuing, supporting presaved playlist sequences triggered by a single key, or realtime "wait-in-line" chaining of queues via multiple key presses, or starting multiple synced sounds with a single key
  • ASIO support on Windows for lower latency and outputting to ASIO-only devices
  • output recording quality improved to 32-bit
  • 'fade out all sounds' function via Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
  • faster sound file loading, improved by as much as 50%, especially for long sounds
  • decreased cpu usage & RAM footprint and other optimizations & efficiency improvements
  • 6 additional key color choices & a new cleaner look for onscreen keys; support for custom RGB key colors in manually edited .keymaps
  • universal support for secondary output channels on multichannel devices
  • contextual interactive help
  • animated indication of sounds fading in & out in Channels Meter
  • many other minor bug fixes
Requirements: None
Limitation: Some features disabled after 25 uses
Operation system: Windows Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
Price: $50
License: Free to try
Version: v42
Downloads: 1515
Rating: 4.1 / Views: 1787
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These are typically produced as instruments—-for example, using the system. Both projects are open source with full source repositories available at their respective links.

Soundplant is also available in other platforms

Once you change this setting, there is only one way to get the installer to run: you must download it through Internet Explorer (not any other browser) and then click ‘Run’ when it prompts you for what you want to do with the installer file (you will have to click through an “are you sure” warning message). I am in charge of purchasing software for my employer/company/organization. Most of the situations that require this setting are uncommon, such as if you are loading many huge audio files on an old computer with little RAM. ***Keep in mind that when loading compressed sounds such as mp3, m4a, flac, etc., Soundplant must decompress the entire sound into RAM, and the amount of memory required for such files is the full uncompressed size and not the size of the compressed file on disk.

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Or, starting the sound with a Shift+Tab will fade it in, and then pressing Tab without Shift will stop the sound immediately. The modifiable properties of most interest for configuring keys are #fname, #smallfname (key text label), #fadetime (fade in time in milliseconds), #fadeouttime, #fadetoend, #holddown, #loop, #mstarttime (start offset in milliseconds), #mendtime (end offset), #srk (keymode), #shiftsrk (shift+mode), #priority, #mrateshift (pitch shift), #pitchrandom, #pitchrealtime, #vol, #volrealtime, #volrandom, #pan, #panrealtime, #panrandom, #reverbsend, #reverbsendrandom, #reverbsendrealtime, #lowpass, #lowpassrealtime, #lowpassrandom, #resonance, #resonancerandom, #resonancerealtime, #lfo, #lforandom, and #lforealtime.

Soundplant 45 Full Description

Use this function take advantage of the precise microtuning features of Soundplant to discard the bias of western compositional technique and create your own custom scales. Soundplant is capable of running in an unlimited number of simultaneous instances, and each instance can be set to output to a separate device. Some possible enhancer names to look out for are “MaxxSense”, “SoundMax”, or “SmartAudio”; others have a more generic name like “Acoustic Environment Modeling”, “Loudness Equalization”, “3D Immersion”, or “Phantom Speakers”.

Manually Editing .keymap Files

The loop setting is realtime and will apply to all currently playing instances of the key’s sound. While in Simple View, click or tap any onscreen key to play its sound. When finished with the recording session, click again to stop recording; a file dialog will prompt to select a destination for the the resulting .Wav file.

Key Configuration Panel

I purchased Soundplant but all I got was a registration code; where do I download the registered version of the software? €¢ There is no separate “registered version” to download, rather you must download and install the if you don’t already have it, and then follow the instructions you were emailed to enter in your code and unlock the registered features. To select a key for configuration, do any of the following: After selecting a key to configure, the key is highlighted in the onscreen keyboard, and the name of the key is displayed in the upper left corner of the Key Configuration Panel. Key glow animation controls whether or not onscreen keyboard keys show a glowing green animated indication of playback progress. I am outside the USA, can I see a price for Soundplant in my country’s own currency? €¢ Yes, click any of the Buy Now buttons on the to see the price in your local currency. Note also that you can save empty keymap file templates for more custom control over the default settings for smaller groups of keys and global settings.