Soundplant License file 26.1

Developer: Soundplant
  • playlist queuing, supporting presaved playlist sequences triggered by a single key, or realtime "wait-in-line" chaining of queues via multiple key presses, or starting multiple synced sounds with a single key
  • ASIO support on Windows for lower latency and outputting to ASIO-only devices
  • output recording quality improved to 32-bit
  • 'fade out all sounds' function via Ctrl+Shift+Backspace
  • faster sound file loading, improved by as much as 50%, especially for long sounds
  • decreased cpu usage & RAM footprint and other optimizations & efficiency improvements
  • 6 additional key color choices & a new cleaner look for onscreen keys; support for custom RGB key colors in manually edited .keymaps
  • universal support for secondary output channels on multichannel devices
  • contextual interactive help
  • animated indication of sounds fading in & out in Channels Meter
  • many other minor bug fixes
Requirements: None
Limitation: Some features disabled after 25 uses
Operation system: Windows Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10
Price: $50
License: Free to try
Version: v26.1
Downloads: 2858
Rating: 4.3 / Views: 4640
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You can also set the fade in or out time to 0 if, for example, you only want a fade out but no fade in, or vice-versa, without needing to use Shift. You can set a 'Channel Priority' for each key, with 'Low', 'Norm' and 'High' being the available options. In detailed , the default view, the Soundplant program window is divided into 4 main sections: the in the center the on the bottom, containing controls for editing the behavior of each key, sound waveform display, sound properties information, and the ; all of these controls pertain to individual keys the on the right, displaying realtime sound channel use and playback progress the along the top, containing buttons for global program functions such as keymap file operations and preferences; all of these buttons pertain to general program functionality and not to specific keys Onscreen Keyboard The keyboard display provides an overview of all of the usable keyboard keys and their assigned sound filenames. This can be convenient in many situations, but keep in mind that if this is turned on you won’t be able to configure one key while simultaneously pressing other keys, because the Key Configuration Panel changes with every key hit, displaying the most recently pressed key.

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How can I use Soundplant on a tablet? €¢ There are several options for running Soundplant on tablets. Controls are available for setting each sample's start and end points, loop points, pitch, volume, and pan position.

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Each individual keyboard configuration can be saved and reused at a later time. Sales & License Terms If I only buy one license, can I use Soundplant on more than 1 computer? €¢ As long as you will be the only person using it on those computers, yes.

The easiest and most surefire way to enter them into Soundplant while preserving case is by using copy and paste directly from the email into Soundplant. For example, with only on sound trigger, hitting a key set to kill whose sound has already been playing will not select the key, since the hit is killing the sound and not triggering it. I am a commercial user but I only need to load wav files into Soundplant and I don’t need to record or use background key input, so the free unregistered version works fine for me. The ‘launch editor’ button will open the external audio editing program set in the and attempt to make it load the key’s assigned sound file (works with most editors). Otherwise, if you purchased any version prior to June 2015, you are eligible for a discounted upgrade to v.45.

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Make sure that the version of Soundplant you are running matches the version that you purchased. For example, if you assign a sample to eight keys with automatic offset, each key will play a different eighth of the sample for instant beat slicing. A dynamic display of the semitonal distance between the keys in your selection will appear and adjust as you slide the controller. Do I still need to buy a license? €¢ Yes, commercial use of Soundplant is only permitted if you have a license, regardless of whether or not you are using the full registered version features.

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This means that if you want to fit more text on the screen (for example, if your sound file names are long and you want them to not be cut off), expand the width of the window more than the height; if you want the text to be larger and more easily readable, expand the height. On Mac, if you want .Keymap files to be associated with the most recently installed version so that double clicking them launches the latest Soundplant, in some cases you may have to either remove previously installed older versions or . Why do MP3s not loop well and have extra silence added? €¢ This is a limitation in the mp3 format (known as encoder delay/zero padding) and not a bug in Soundplant.

Manually Editing .keymap Files

If you need a quick fix, usually opening the file in an audio editor (like the free ) and resaving it as an uncompressed .Wav will solve the problem. Keyboards may not exactly match their onscreen equivalent, and ‘shift+mode’ may respond differently than expected on a couple of keys.